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Client reviews for Errin Weisman D.O. at Truth Prescriptions
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Coaching gave me direction.

COVID-19 is here. I am thankful I invested in myself and my entrepreneurial dreams by working with Dr. Errin Weisman prior to the pandemic.

My new found focus has saved my sanity and balanced my "day job" in anesthesia with my passion for learning and sharing mindfulness tools with others.

My work with Errin led me to ONE goal of launching Pause to Remember (pausetoremember.org) as an online, mindfulness based grief support community for women after pregnancy and infant loss.

Without the coaching, I would still be scattered in my work and not making forward progress to helping women during one of the worst periods of their lives.

I have a lot of technology to learn and videos to make, but my journey continues to be forward.

Thank you Errin for all your patience with me as I struggled over six months to FOCUS.

To others considering coaching, invest in yourself. You are worth it! Trust the process and believe Errin can help you uncover everything within yourself you need to be successful in the life you want.

Amy Pelkey

18 Apr, 2020

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Provider wishing we could turn Errin into a pharmaceutical drug for every doctor and provider to take and experience!

I wish Errin’s service could be provided to all medical providers from the beginning to the end of their career. She helps you process your own internal struggles/fears/hopes without judgement, yet helps guide how to explore what’s important, setting realistic goals, challenges you when needed and one heck of a cheerleader! She has a way of connecting with you on many levels, and reconnecting you back to what you went into medicine for and leaning new ways to serve that purpose.


31 Mar, 2020

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Feeling empowered and calm. Errin helped me streamline my thoughts that were previously all over the place. Feeling motivated to make a change. I am NOT stuck

Kate Dewar

14 Mar, 2020

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Errin has a knack of pulling out questions that was never thought about regarding a particular subject or matter that one is struggling with. This provides a different perspective on the matter.

Overall, I always walk away from our sessions with a fresh way on how to view/approach a problem.

Janice Brown

16 Dec, 2019

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It’s scary reaching out for help and advice. I never know how someone will react and I felt like you wanted to keep my momentum going and wind in my sails. I know that I’ve self-sabotaged, burned to a crisp and then started a fire alarm Triggered by the unfriendly cultural hospital blame environment. I know my chances of matching with ERAS are slim and I need to exhaust other avenues which again are all stacked against me. Im pushing a rock uphill all alone. No one is fighting for me and everyone thinks I should quit. staying strong mentally and emotionally is important and I appreciated you helping me stay that way.

Ashley Nadeau

19 Nov, 2019

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Reassurance and Positive Energy!

I spoke with Dr. Weisman via video messaging and email about wanting a change in my life and career. She was there when I needed support the most, and I am so grateful for that! She responds very quickly to emails and provided a lot of useful information in my quest to find happiness! She did not pressure me to sign up or make payments for our interactions, and really made me feel like she cared. I do believe, however, that her services are well worth the investment. I now feel reassured in my decision to pursue a different avenue in medicine, all because of Dr. Weisman's coaching. Highly recommend! Thank you!!

Leslie Koretz

15 Aug, 2019

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Caring, Compassionate and Professional

Dr Weisman is a truly caring professional. I'm so glad I chose her as my coach. She has a heart the size of the United States. Such a blessing to have coaches like this in the world!


23 Jun, 2019

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Women in the Wild

I really enjoyed connecting with the other women in attendance! The hiking and yoga were wonderful, as was the food. Thanks for everything!

Stephanie Gerhardt

10 Jun, 2019

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Just what I needed!

This is just what I needed after surviving cancer. I had lost my focus and drive for life but Errin helped me find it again. Our sessions helped me define the new me and what I want my life to look like. She was encouraging with her matter of fact demeanor and soul searching questions. She gave me the tools I needed to rebuild my life into something enjoyable, sustainable and doable. I feel like I’m in control again.....and that is s good feeling!

Doris Langebrake

4 Jun, 2019

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Colleague to Colleague Call

My call with Errin was wonderful. She is so kind, cheerful, positive, uplifting, knowledgeable, and basically I want to be her BFF now! She really took her time with me to help me sort some things out and did not once pressure me to feel like I needed coaching. She seems like a fantastic resource for coaching and I will definitely be considering her! I do hope I get to meet her someday!!!

Sacharitha Bowers

27 Apr, 2019

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She is very patient, non judgmental and genuinely wants to help people. She shows empathy and makes you very comfortable to share your thoughts with her.

Shaan Alam

25 Apr, 2019

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Errin is absolutely fantastic & helped me discover a HUGE Aha!

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Errin & was so happy I did! I was specifically asking for help around clarity in my business, and she really helped me organize my very scattered thoughts. I loved that she was able to sum things up in a way that was exactly what I meant....but just couldn't say myself.

She also helped me have a huge 'Aha' moment about how I was wasting a TON of time & energy on those who just aren't the right fit for me. Since our session, I can't even count how many hours I've saved!!! There were hours that I was previously convinced were needed to get more clients. But now, I am able to use them for just spending time with my kiddo, or doing actual productive things for my business!

Andrea Moore

25 Jul, 2018

Errin Weisman D.O.

Colleague and Coach for Physicians Experiencing Burnout

What I help with: -You know that drowning feeling in the middle of the day or when you get home. -How about the dread that surrounds you the night before work or your shift. -Drying your eyes from tears in the car while driving to work -Planning your next vacation while on vacation from work -Not knowing where to go but knowing where you are isn't the place for you

I know how to help with this because I've been there. When I was in the middle of burnout, I was desperately searching for solutions. I met so many other physicians with the same challenges, but no one had any answers except to quit.

So, I started creating my own answers.

I read, studied and started working with a coach and created a sustainable life for myself.

Because I couldn't find any physician mom specific coaches who focused in burnout, I decided to become certified as a life coach so I could create what I had been looking for.

I used to feel like I was controlled by my schedule, by administrators, and my employment contract. Now, I am back in control of my day, my life. I feel full: full of life, full of joy, full of passion and purpose. My life now feels like freedom. I no longer feel like I'm drowning or carrying massive weights on my back.

I made some courageous steps and walked away from the primary care position that was not serving me. But guess what, I'm still Dr. Weisman, I'm still in healthcare and I became an entrepreneur!

I would have never been able to have the emotional energy to launch my own business. I'm so exhilarated to be a coach and colleague specifically for physician moms who find themselves in burnout for the first time.

I help you: Thrive instead of survive Walk through and out of burnout Achieve the work-life balance you crave Get back in touch with why you practice medicine Set healthy boundaries Move forward to a life you desire and deserve

I believe in you and I got your back!